The Heritage Project

“In many ways this journey
expanded my Artistical Horizon”


The Heritage Project is a non-profit organization and most of the work is realized by dedicated volunteers. Each time a new project is announced a team of international and local artists is established to lead the project in the designated country. Do you wish to join us on a new adventure? Read the experiences from earlier volunteers, our FAQ, and let us know your interest!


Anyone of age 18 and older may apply. We are primarily looking for people who have a background in music, dance, theater or videography. 

Once a new project is announced you will be able to apply by sending us an email with your resume. Tell us a bit about yourself and your motivations to join one of our projects.

The Heritage Project covers basic accomodation, meals and local transport. Everything outside of the country where the project takes place has to be covered by the applicant. This includes flight tickets, visa, vaccinations, etc.

Usually the team will be staying in guest houses or local families.

The project lasts for one full week.

Yes, we are always looking for people that can help in the field of media and communication. Other contributions can be made through sponsorship and by hosting one of our projects. Contact us by mail for further inquiries.



“No words can describe the feeling when we see the smiles on the children’s faces throughout the project. As local citizens of Sabah, this type of project is not a common activity for us. We rarely get to participate in theatre plays, not to mention being a part of a production team. It is a very satisfying feeling to have contributed something to our community. Knowing that you made a positive impact on someone is an emotionally uplifting experience that can never be matched by money or fame. Certainly, these experiences will benefit us throughout our life and career.”



“With just a script and a group of children we managed to create an entire play with music, dance and costumes. This was an amazing experience. The final product is however not the goal of The Heritage Project. It is about having the children connect with each other and make them feel safe so they can express their culture in an artistical way. We noticed an increased feeling of belonging during the workshops. To watch everyone grow in confidence as they found their place in the project was very rewarding to see as volunteer.”



“Having been a part of the Heritage Project in the North of Thailand has been a very exciting experience. In many ways this journey expanded my artistical horizon. The Karen people we collaborated with were proud and pleased to share their culture and their home with us. The children who participated in our project were very cooperative and respectful. The fact that I don’t speak Thai or Karen was not a problem for giving instructions during the rehearsals. This was my first adventure in Asia and my first experience with The Heritage Project. I’d gladly join again in the future!”