The main goal of the Heritage Project is to organise cultural activities for those who have difficult access to it. The project wants to spread cultural awareness by using the traditional music, stories, dances and costumes of the participants to create a music and theatre play. The Heritage Project does not want to force a certain method or style upon its participants. It only presents a way how cultural heritage can be used and made visible/audible on a low budget.

Another purpose of the project is to stimulate creativity and friendships among the 6-25 year old participants. They may all have different cultural backgrounds. The project creates an environment where everyone can feel free to express his or her culture and every idea can contribute to an artistic show. Groups may vary between a handful of participants up to hundreds of performers.

Performances usually take place outside where the local environment can be appreciated. A location characteristic for the living area of the participants is chosen. This can be natural scenes like forests or mountains, but can also be town squares, markets, harbours, industrial buildings and so on. The project aims to create environmental awareness by showing such places in a new light and context when the play is being performed.

Projects last for about a week. In this period the music and theatre show is rehearsed and performed. More importantly however is that all participants will get an understanding that their cultural and environmental heritage is to be cherished. We invite children all over to engage in a lifetime experience and to show their hidden talents to the world.