The Heritage Project has visited a number of countries and continues to make connections elsewhere. A brief overview of the projects highlights in the passed years is displayed below.

Malaysia 2019
The children of St. David Toboh school in Tambunan, Malaysia rehearsed and performed a music and teatre play based on “The Legend of Gombunan”. Musical instruments and other props were made from the bamboo growing around the village and the performance was enjoyed by parents and teachers.

Nepal 2017
The Heritage Project worked with the children of Shree Janajagriti school in Poobari, Nepal. The project week was during the Tihar Festival and this became also the theme for the workshop. With a large crowd as audience, including the major, the children put up a three hour performance where they demonstrated the events and meaning of the Tihar festival.

Thailand 2017
The Heritage Project worked on two different schools with the Karen people in Northern Thailand. In Som Poi and Mor Wa Kee village the children used their native story “Puj’s Da” about the seven brothers and the monster Deif Muj Bau. The children made musical instruments and decorations out of bamboo growing in the villages. Their traditional clothes made the whole performance very colourful.

Bispehaugen Mottaksklasse 2016
With Bispehaugen Mottaksklasse we practiced the Norwegian story “Hakkebakkeskogen” and made three performances out of it. With just four days of intense rehearsals the 20 children with all kinds of cultural backgrounds developped themselves artistically and socially by learning to work together as a group.

LatvianClassicalMusicFestival 2016
In the summer of 2016 the Heritage Project was organized at the LatvianClassicalMusicFestival. Around 60 children from 8-18 years old participated in a Latvian story called “Spriditis”. After four days of intense rehearsing the play was performed at the Cesvaine Castle which functioned as an excellent stage.

HERO Refugee Centre Trondheim 2016
The Heritage Project in collaboration with Verdige Smil worked with around 15 refugees from Somalia, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria and Sudan. In the project week the participants made their own drums and rehearsed the traditional songs of each others cultural heritage.

Ecuador 2015
Hans Blok organised the Heritage Project in the deep jungles of Ecuador in 2015. With the Kichwa people from a local village near El Coca and several Ecuadorian volunteers a play about Toredo and his magic flute was performed.

Jordan 2014
In May 2014 Hans Blok organised the Heritage Project in the Al Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. Around 50 young Syrian refugees joined the project by making a theatre show for the others in the camp. Because of the tense situation and strict rules it was unfortunaltely not allowed to make any photos or video recordings of the project and the participants.

Sri Lanka 2012
In August 2012 Hans Blok and Lars Halvard Sutterud organised the Heritage Project on two schools in Sri Lanka. The story was based on the character of Mahadahamutta. This old but clumsy man would save the frightened villagers from the terrifying monster by finding musicians and dancers.