Here some FrequentlyAskedQuestion about volunteering with The Heritage Project.

Do I need to become a member or pay any kind of contribution?
No, when you engage in a project you only need to cover the expenses you make yourself. Think of costs for traveling, visa procedures and so on.

Will accomodation be covered and what kind will I get?
We always try to get accomodation covered for everyone on the team. Sometimes this also includes meals. What you get to eat and where you will sleep varies a lot. This can be in a hut with local tribes, a hotel, with families, in a private or shared room…

How old do I need to be to volunteer, and what nationality do I need to have?
Anyone regardless nationality, gender, religion etc, can participate. You need to be 18 years or older. Sometimes we favour people who master a certain language that can be helpful for a project.

Can I join a project even if I can’t be available the whole time?
We are flexible and the project is flexible. If we want you on the team we will work something out. Send us your application regardless.

How can I finance my expenses?
It’s up to everyone for themselves to cover their own costs. Flight tickets can make these costs quite high and it might be worthwile to look for funds. This you will need to do yourself but we can supply information that you can use to apply for such funds.

How will the journey to the project location be organized?
As our volunteers can come from different countries we do not book our journey as a group. We only agree on the location, time and date we will meet. This is often at the project location itself.
This means that you can be free to do some sightseeing before/after the project actually starts. If you don’t like to travel by yourself you can always hook up with other members of the team.

How does the application procedure work?
When you want to apply for a specific project or just want to let us know your interest in volunteering you send your CV with a motivation letter to info@theheritageproject.eu. In the motivation letter you explain a.o. your own background, experience, why The Heritage Project is of interest to you, why you want to get involved, why you should be on the team and so on. Applications that are of interest to us will follow up with a (skype)interview. When the interview is finished we will let you know shortly if you will be included for a certain project.

Do I need to have any finished education or degrees to become a volunteer?
No, but you should be able to show us the quality of your work in some way. 

How can I receive proof for my (scheduled) collaboration with The Heritage Project?
Once we have welcomed you on the team you will be send an official invitation letter that you can use to apply for financial support or otherwise. 

Write us for further questions!