Get inspired and learn more from our earlier volunteers!


Yves (Luxembourg, @Thailand project) 

Having been part of the Heritage Project in the North of Thailand for an entire week has been a completely exciting experience. In many different ways this artistical journey has expanded my horizons . The most striking one to mention was the hospitality of the Karean people,living there in their tribe. They have accepted us from the beginning and have been so warm-welcoming to the three of us. The first contact with people in Som Poi was wonderful as they threated us like we were one of them. We got offered accomodation, food, pick-ups, excursions and much more. They were happy and proud to share everything with us they have/had. The children at school, with whom we prepared a theatre performance, were so respect – and thoughtful. They participated without and doubts and hesitations (as they did no know us). Even the fact that we didnt not speak Thai or Karean, did not make it difficult to get children and teachers motivated in participating into Heritage project. From the first day, we started the project, I was blown away how these children behave and are well educated and so independant. It was striking for me to see 6 to 7 years old kids cutting bamboo pieces with a big knife… ! When I arrived there I did not know what to expect, but I went home with so many wonderful memories of the life and people there. This was my first adventure in Asia, and I will certainly go back to Thailand and Som Poi. Hopefully I will have time again in the near future to be part of the next exciting Heritage project, whereever it will be.


Nina (Norway, @Trondheim Refugee Centre project) 

“I never believed that a group of people with such different backgrounds and cultures would be able to make a performance together. Watching refugees smiling, singing and dancing with each other was a very rewarding experience for me. The projects flexibility makes it perfectly adaptable to work with kinds of ages and different groups of people. I am looking forward to be involved with feature projects!”


Andreas (Norway, @Bispehaugen Mottaksklasse project)15934133_10209726814561306_625231346_o

“To be part of the Heritage project was a great experience. We started out with just a manuscript and a group of
children, and created an entire play, with music, costumes and theatre.

However, the final product is not the goal in the Heritage Project, the real result is about what you experience along the way. After the first day we already felt a difference in the children, as we guided them trough the manuscript, and made sure everyone had a part in the play. We sang together, we ran around together, and everyone made masks and costumes.

Working with these practical activities creates a very good kind of flock mentality, a feeling of belonging, as you work towards a common creative goal. I found it very rewarding as a volunteer, both because I learned a lot about leading projects like this, but also because it is amazing to see children bond like they did, and to see them grow in confidence as they found their place in the play.”