The Heritage Project

The Heritage Project is a community art concept for children created by Hans Blok. The project guides children to use their cultural and environmental heritage to make a music and theatre show. The project had its start off in Sri Lanka in 2012 and has since then been organised in Nepal, Malaysia, Jordan, Ecuador, Thailand, Latvia and Norway.

The project aims to make people aware about the importance of cultural heritage, as well as preserving local environments. In addition it challenges participants to collaborate with each other and reveal (hidden) talents. Using flexibility and improvisation means that projects can run on a low budget and include children with all kinds of backgrounds. Numbers of participants may vary between ten to hundreds.

The Heritage Project is not an organisation and does not choose to be so. It is, as the name says, a project and a concept in itself with its own purposes. For each project a team of instructors and volunteers ensures that the project comes to a success. The project has worked with refugees and children from indigenous communities. Collaborations with local groups and organisations ensure the most authentic performance and fairest benefit for its participants.

The project is scheduled to run in numerous countries, raising awareness about the values of tradition, culture and environment, and by inspiring children to express themselves through art.