The Heritage Project

Guiding children to express their
Cultural Heritage through Art

The Heritage Project is a community-arts concept for children, developed by Dutch-Norwegian musician and composer Hans Sampath Blok. Participants are guided to make a music-theatre performance based on their cultural heritage. A local folk story is selected along with traditional music and dance, and molded into a script. During the project week the story is dramatized, rehearsed, and performed for friends and family.

The first project took place in Sri Lanka in 2012, where the children from Lunugamvehera and Panama Village dramatized the story of the Sri Lankan folk legend Mahadenamutta. Since then, The Heritage Project has been organized in eight different countries, working with refugees and indigenous communities.

In every project, children from different cultural backgrounds participate, making each performance vibrant and unique. By raising awareness about the importance of cultural heritage, the project contributes to the longevity of local folklore, language, and tradition.

Hans Sampath Blok

Founder & Director

Nina Elen Danielsen

Project Coordinator